5 Essential iPhone Apps for Fanfic on the Go

Hi fandom_tech ! Here is a blog post I recently wrote that I think fits the mission of the community pretty well... hope some of you who are still on LJ will find some of this useful.

If only there were a dedicated fanfic service that could sync up fics from, AO3, LJ, and independent sites—I’d pay good money for that iPhone/Pod app, considering that fanfic accounts for a big portion of my entertainment “budget,” and provides near-infinite joy and lulz.

Until somebody builds the ultimate fanfic app, I've been cobbling together apps to provide for my own mobile fic reading experiences. Here are some of my favorite fic-related apps.


Seriously, I've been dreaming about these apps for years. )

That probably only touches the surface of good reading apps and the ways to use them. I’m always looking for ways to increase my volume and ease of reading, so what iPhone/iPod apps and techniques do you guys use to make your mobile fic consumption easier?

And more importantly, does anybody know how to bypass the LJ filter in Readitlater?

A question about PDAs and mobile devices

I'm thinking of buying a PDA and hoping that somebody a bit more technically experienced than myself can offer some advice, particularly as I expect to be using it primarily for entertainment rather than standard office functions.

Collapse )

I know that that's a lot of questions, but if you can answer just some of them then please do comment.

Posted to my own journal and a few other places where I hope people may have a bit more specialist knowlege
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The next generation?

For the last year or so I've been playing with a few systems to try and make machine readable all the stuff that happens naturally in fandom. Now you might wonder why I want to do that - and the simple reason is I am lazy. When I go to a new fandom I want to know what stories get regularly recommended, what communities exists for me to join, even what other fandoms I might like given the tastes I share with other people. Beyond that I want to be able to run searches like 'what was that story which had the CSI team analysing the fight in the Mines of Moria?'.I want to be able to find the type of stories I like because the computer knows what is in them but doesn't tell me so I am pleasantly surprised. I want to decide what warnings I see and which I don't.

Now possibly what I actually need are the really good drugs. However, this I have a better change of getting legally. So why am I filling up your flist with it? Because I have got the what I hope is the first stage and I would like to ask for your help.

We are hoping to create a shared resource of stories, characters, universes, events, people... basically fiction, the contents of fiction and the people surrounding it. That is quite a lot of ground to cover (British understatement) and the only way to even concider it is through group effort - if each person added their favourite character or pairing or their favourite story to the system then soon it will just add up. It also allows people to make recommendations, rate stories, publicise their work, websites and archives etc

Currently what we are trying to do is just get basic information into the system such as universes, characters and people so that we can start working out how to improve the usability, what can be done with the data and how best to integrate with what already exists (RSS feeds from archives etc).

I'd love to hear peoples opinion on this and it would really help us if some people would be willing to give the system a try, add a few things and let us know their thoughts. Currently you do need to download a bit of software (we hope to do away with that later as part of the usability improvements). The software and instructions (with more information) are available from (if it doesn't work for you try here). Feedback and or requests for more information can be sent to ontomedia, the OntoFic Yahoo Group or me. This comes out of work being done at the University of Southampton and the Universita' Politecnica delle Marche just so as you know.

My appologies to those people who know me and so have heard this many times already.



P.S. Feel free to pass this on.
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archives, learning how to do stuff, and comics

hi everybody! i'm new here, so i should introduce. i'm serena kitt, i'm an academic and i manage Remember Us? an archive of fanfic, art, and links re: characters of color in various fanda. well, lately, it's fallen into arrears, not least because i don't have the tech savvy to make it any prettier and i fear fen who once loved it have left for younger, prettier archives with more attractive color schemes and dynamic scripts. that word, script, i don't even know what it means.
so i'm information-literate enough to maintain it with FrontPage, providing the old-school site that gets the job done, but i'd like to upgrade along with an effort to draw in more people. i'm planning to start a YahooGroup, maybe an LJ comm, and sponsor a contest to get new fanart. but would anyone be willing to walk me through the mundanes of like, getting started with web design? is there a "Fandom_Tech For Dummies" i should know about? i know, it's asking a lot. i just need to get in the door.
meanwhile-- i have a whole 'nother project involving comics-- how does one make .cbr files that can be read with CDisplay comic book reader? i'm in the early stages of creating a comics archive and this is pretty much the first step, finding stuff to put there. next, i want to create such files and distribute them as .torrents, which i think i know how to do.
any helpful suggestions will be glomped with love.

Hi All

Hello everyone!!! i am vince and had a few questions about Vidding. So if anyone could be of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Okay i use DVD shrink to upload the DVDs to my HD and as you probibly know it saves them as .VOB I downloaded a program called DVD2AVI i tried a couple times to save specific frames from the uploaded DVD to piece together to make the video. I use Windows Movie Maker as it is what i have. When i tried to open the files i saved from the DVD2AVI program it says file corrupt. Any ideas? I tried like 30 times with no sucess. I am new to this vidding thing so any links for a beginner would be wonderful. I don't mind reading tutorials the more the better. Thanks to anyone who can help me.
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Screen caps

Help! This is driving me bonkers. I'm trying to cap a DVD that can either play in Windows Media Player or PowerDVD. All I ever get is a black screen. I've tried turning off video accelaration to no avail. The prntscrn key doesn't seem to work on my computer.

Any suggestions? Is there someother setting I need to fiddle with? Any suggestions for a better screencapping program?

I can cap divx and other file formats fine, I just can't do it from the DVD.
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so i downloaded this thing

Wow, this community is such a great idea. Anyway...

DivX DVD Ripper 1.5

The publisher claims it's user-friendly, developed for people who have no idea what the hell they're doing. Consequently, it doesn't have a help file.

This tells me that I have less than no idea, because I cannot for the life of me figure this thing out. I tried googling for a how-to, or for a FAQ, but there's nothing. Does anyone out there have this program? And could you explain to me how to use it?

Or if you have a different (free) program that you use to rip DVDs, could you tell me what it is? Thanks.
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Inkjet refill kits.

In case any of you have ever been tempted by those inkjet refill kits that promise to save you hundreds, I am happy to report that I purchased such a kit and am actually very happy with it! For something that involved drilling and large bottles of ink, it was *very* easy, very non-messy, my printer didn't balk, and the pages I printed looked great. And it cost thirty bucks for a kit that they promise will yield 16 refills. I just always feel like such a jerk paying through the nose for new print cartridges!

The kit I bought was the Pro-Image InkJet Refill Kit for both black and color ink.

As someone who likes to print out the fic I read, this may well turn out to save me quite a bundle.
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Mic question

Was directed from podslash by syndi_64. I'd like to do some fanish related recording to be released on line. However, I've got a mic problem. I have a microphone, but I can't get the blasted thing to work. It's probably because it's an old mic made by Creative and is circa 1995...what I'd like to know, or at least if anyone here can point me in the right direction, is there anyway of getting it to work? I've tried every possible plug in the computer it could fit into, but no voice...not sure if maybe I don't have the right drivers installed or something, but anything anyone knows would be muchly appreciated.