April 22nd, 2010


5 Essential iPhone Apps for Fanfic on the Go

Hi fandom_tech ! Here is a blog post I recently wrote that I think fits the mission of the community pretty well... hope some of you who are still on LJ will find some of this useful.

If only there were a dedicated fanfic service that could sync up fics from FF.net, AO3, LJ, and independent sites—I’d pay good money for that iPhone/Pod app, considering that fanfic accounts for a big portion of my entertainment “budget,” and provides near-infinite joy and lulz.

Until somebody builds the ultimate fanfic app, I've been cobbling together apps to provide for my own mobile fic reading experiences. Here are some of my favorite fic-related apps.


Seriously, I've been dreaming about these apps for years. )

That probably only touches the surface of good reading apps and the ways to use them. I’m always looking for ways to increase my volume and ease of reading, so what iPhone/iPod apps and techniques do you guys use to make your mobile fic consumption easier?

And more importantly, does anybody know how to bypass the LJ filter in Readitlater?