Vince Kendall (dfleprdfan) wrote in fandom_tech,
Vince Kendall

Hi All

Hello everyone!!! i am vince and had a few questions about Vidding. So if anyone could be of assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Okay i use DVD shrink to upload the DVDs to my HD and as you probibly know it saves them as .VOB I downloaded a program called DVD2AVI i tried a couple times to save specific frames from the uploaded DVD to piece together to make the video. I use Windows Movie Maker as it is what i have. When i tried to open the files i saved from the DVD2AVI program it says file corrupt. Any ideas? I tried like 30 times with no sucess. I am new to this vidding thing so any links for a beginner would be wonderful. I don't mind reading tutorials the more the better. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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