serena kitt (no_absolutes) wrote in fandom_tech,
serena kitt

archives, learning how to do stuff, and comics

hi everybody! i'm new here, so i should introduce. i'm serena kitt, i'm an academic and i manage Remember Us? an archive of fanfic, art, and links re: characters of color in various fanda. well, lately, it's fallen into arrears, not least because i don't have the tech savvy to make it any prettier and i fear fen who once loved it have left for younger, prettier archives with more attractive color schemes and dynamic scripts. that word, script, i don't even know what it means.
so i'm information-literate enough to maintain it with FrontPage, providing the old-school site that gets the job done, but i'd like to upgrade along with an effort to draw in more people. i'm planning to start a YahooGroup, maybe an LJ comm, and sponsor a contest to get new fanart. but would anyone be willing to walk me through the mundanes of like, getting started with web design? is there a "Fandom_Tech For Dummies" i should know about? i know, it's asking a lot. i just need to get in the door.
meanwhile-- i have a whole 'nother project involving comics-- how does one make .cbr files that can be read with CDisplay comic book reader? i'm in the early stages of creating a comics archive and this is pretty much the first step, finding stuff to put there. next, i want to create such files and distribute them as .torrents, which i think i know how to do.
any helpful suggestions will be glomped with love.

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