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The next generation?

For the last year or so I've been playing with a few systems to try and make machine readable all the stuff that happens naturally in fandom. Now you might wonder why I want to do that - and the simple reason is I am lazy. When I go to a new fandom I want to know what stories get regularly recommended, what communities exists for me to join, even what other fandoms I might like given the tastes I share with other people. Beyond that I want to be able to run searches like 'what was that story which had the CSI team analysing the fight in the Mines of Moria?'.I want to be able to find the type of stories I like because the computer knows what is in them but doesn't tell me so I am pleasantly surprised. I want to decide what warnings I see and which I don't.

Now possibly what I actually need are the really good drugs. However, this I have a better change of getting legally. So why am I filling up your flist with it? Because I have got the what I hope is the first stage and I would like to ask for your help.

We are hoping to create a shared resource of stories, characters, universes, events, people... basically fiction, the contents of fiction and the people surrounding it. That is quite a lot of ground to cover (British understatement) and the only way to even concider it is through group effort - if each person added their favourite character or pairing or their favourite story to the system then soon it will just add up. It also allows people to make recommendations, rate stories, publicise their work, websites and archives etc

Currently what we are trying to do is just get basic information into the system such as universes, characters and people so that we can start working out how to improve the usability, what can be done with the data and how best to integrate with what already exists (RSS feeds from archives etc).

I'd love to hear peoples opinion on this and it would really help us if some people would be willing to give the system a try, add a few things and let us know their thoughts. Currently you do need to download a bit of software (we hope to do away with that later as part of the usability improvements). The software and instructions (with more information) are available from (if it doesn't work for you try here). Feedback and or requests for more information can be sent to ontomedia, the OntoFic Yahoo Group or me. This comes out of work being done at the University of Southampton and the Universita' Politecnica delle Marche just so as you know.

My appologies to those people who know me and so have heard this many times already.



P.S. Feel free to pass this on.

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